It looks as if Flash for mobile isn't the only platform that Adobe has no further love for, with the company also set to ditch its Flash TV plans as well.

The move comes just a day after Adobe effectively proved Steve Jobs right by killing off Flash for mobile and admitting that the platform wasn't right for mobile devices.

Adobe has now given a statement to GigaOM saying:

"Adobe will continue to support existing licensees who are planning on supporting Flash Player for web browsing on digital home devices and are using the Flash Player Porting Kit to do so. However we believe the right approach to deliver content on televisions is through applications, not a web browsing experience, and we will continue to encourage the device and content publishing community down that path."

So the message to Flash TV device makers, such as Google, is clear; carry on if you may but we'd rather you didn't.

The move essentially means that the end is nigh for Adobe's Open Screen initiative and that a more native app approach will have to be taken - it hopes one with the Adobe AIR framework being used.

Adobe, therefore, is still involved in the IPTV movement - but Flash is nowhere near the major player that it thought it would have been.