Adobe has just posted a load of videos of the technology "sneak peeks" that were showcased recently at the company’s annual MAX user conference in Los Angeles. There was plenty of interest, however amongst the bunch the future image deblurring technology stood out for us.

Demonstrated on-stage by Adobe senior research scientist Jue Wang, the new Photoshop feature seemed to go down very well with fans of the editing software.

Wang makes it very clear this is an early prototype, but in the presentation gave a variety of examples of how the new tech could be implemented. The deblur software first analyses precisely what has caused the image to blur before outputting a "blur kernal", this shows the motion of the camera when the photo was taken.

An algorithm is then used, to sharpen up the image - all very clever.

This technology could be used to recover important information and so it's not just the aesthetics of a shot that this tech can be applied to.

How useful it'll be to photographers remains to be seen, as on taking a blurry shot, the majority of us will just delete and try again; however, if the moment is fleeting with no chance of repetition it could prove very handy indeed.

There are more videos available on Adobe TV.