Adobe Photoshop Touch works as a sort of combined version of Adobe Bridge and Lightroom, but on tablets. It behaves like an all-in-one image resource, with built-in Google search and local photo management. 

On top of this it has a lot of the functionality found in the full desktop version of Photoshop, like layers, selective highlighting and quick removal of backgrounds. In fact nearly all the day-to-day Photoshop functions are there including things like text editing and fading. 

Image sharing is also heavily built into the program, allowing you to send work straight to Facebook or the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Live images from the tablet camera can be fed straight through the app and then layers put on top and captured as stills. In theory this allows for overlaying stamps and textures onto a photo, lining them up and then photographing them. 

Adobe has included interactive tutorials in the new Photoshop Touch, which should help bring the platform to the beginner and make it a bit more palatable for the average tablet user.

Photoshop Touch should land on Android "shortly", with an iOS launch soon after. It is priced in at $9.99 in the US. Adobe is going to be answering Photoshop Touch related questions from its Twitter feed.

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