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(Pocket-lint) - Adobe’s consumer photo and video editing suites have now been upgraded to version 10, sweeping in a number of feature changes, but retaining the existing style and design of application.

The new features cover a range of feature updates, but the design stays essentially the same, so the look and feel of the software is the same as the previous edition. 

Photoshop Elements 10 will now give you a visual search, making it easier to find photos. You’ll be able to search using different criteria, with easy sliders to refine your results. You’ll be able to find pictures which look similar - perhaps showing a similar scene, colours or shapes. 

You’ll also get face tagging, which will integrate with Facebook, allowing you to download your friend list to Photoshop Elements to ensure that your friend tags match up between your photo editing and organising software, and your social network.

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Photoshop Elements 10, as in previous editions, gains some more sophisticated editing features, with common cropping guides like rule of thirds and golden ratio.

The Guided Edits feature has been expanded, with options to create depth of field or Orton effects. There are more smart brushes and the ability to put text on a path, so you can curve words round images for example.

Over in Premier Elements 10, you’ll find colour correction options have been boosted, as well as saving and sharing, with the option to again share with Facebook and select the best format and privacy for that particular video.

Adobe told us that most of the improvements in Premier Elements 10 were under the skin, aimed at improving the performance and stability of the application as a whole. There will be 64- or 32-bit versions for Windows users, both come on the same disc with the installer recognising which version to install. The Mac version will still be 32 bit.

As with previous editions, Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements will be available separately or together as a bundle, with a discount for those upgrading. The bundle can be yours for £119 (£98 as an upgrade), individually you are looking at £79 (£65 upgrade) for each.

The new software is available from 20 September.

Writing by Chris Hall.