Uh-oh, we think that someone over at Adobe is going to be on the other end of a stern telling off from Google after the tag "Android 3.1" was used on the Android Market listing for Flash 10.2.

The, yet-to-be-announced, version of Google's mobile OS is mentioned as being required for "Hardware accelerated video presentation" as well as "Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets".

This could, therefore, mean two things.Firstly that 3.1 may no get the Ice-Cream moniker and may, in fact, just be an incremental update for Honeycomb and secondly - that the 720p Flash playback issues that have troubled the first wave of Honeycomb could be coming to an end.

The listing for Flash version has now been altered to read "requires an upcoming release of Android 3" so it could of all been a mistake from Adobe but we doubt it.

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