Adobe is hoping to let you ditch the tripod altogether, well if you use its After Effects software of course when it comes to shooting video on the go.

According to Steve Forde, Senior Product Manager for the software, the company is working on a new way to transform shaky hand-held footage in After Effects with something called the Warp Stabiliser.

Although Adobe has yet to say when it will be coming to it’s Creative Suite offering, that hasn’t stopped them showing off the new feature that will let you drag and drop a shaky file to improve it.

The results shown in the video show that a shaky video given the Warp Stabilizing treatment is automatically cropped and scaled to be made smooth with plenty of options for getting the final footage how you want it – as if it was shot using a dolly or a specialised rig.

Adobe also says that the whole process happens as a background process rather than locking the system down for rendering time.

No word on when this feature will be making it to market. Let’s hope it’s soon.