Adobe is set to demo a major 3D update for Flash at its Max Conference in LA this October. The company has posted an agenda for a "deep dive" demo of what it is calling "Flash Player 3D Future".

Although there are some limited 3D functions in Flash 10, fully fledged 3D support would be a massive leap for the platform, with reports suggesting that we could be in line for a Flash 11 unveiling.

Speaking via the Flash blog, product manager Imbert Thibault hyped up the event, saying:

"I tell you, some serious stuff is coming for 3D developers. If you are into 3D development for games, augmented reality, or just interactive stuff like Web sites, you just can't miss the session".

Flash has taken a bit of a kicking as of late, most notably with Steve Jobs' highly critical, and highly public assessment of the platform. With the web on the brink of a HMTL5 revolution, Flash will need to pull out all of the stops if it is to convince developers that the plug-in still has a place on the modern web.

The demo is planned for 27 October, but Adobe's keynote speech is 2 days prior to that, so we're expecting to hear something official then.

Can 3D support save Flash, or is the platform a horse which has had its day, as Steve Jobs suggested? Give us your opinions below.