Adobe has announced that its latest bundle of creativity software - Creative Suite 5 - is now shipping, and available for consumers to to buy. It includes the most recent editions of the company's flagship software - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere and After Effects.

More than 250 new features have been added across the suite, including the impressive content-aware-fill Photoshop technology shown off by the company in a recent video. InDesign gets support for e-Readers, there's new stroke options in Illustrator, and new text features in Flash Pro allow for advanced typography support, like kerning, ligatures, tracking and leading.

If you want the entire collection - dubbed the "Master Collection" by Adobe - then you better have saved up - it costs a whopping £2,303. Thankfully, there's cheaper editions available too, though - £1,509 for CS5 Design Premium, £1,429 for CS5 Web Premium, £1,509 for CS5 Production Premium, £1,032 for CS5 Design Standard.