Adobe has announced that it will start shipping its latest version of Creative Suite, CS5 from 12 April. And to tease fans of just one of the new bits of technology in it, Adobe has posted a video on YouTube of what appears to be every Photoshop user's wildest dream - the ability to delete and fill contextually, i.e. paying attention to what's around the object being deleted.

While the video starts slowly, showing a few tricks that could be done with judicious use of a clone brush,  things get more impressive when a tree is removed. From there, it's a short step to the utter removal of a road in a desert and a ridiculously impressive fill-out of a landscape panorama's edges.

The comments on the video give some insight into how impressed Adobe customers are, with plenty along the lines of: "This is simultaneously awesome and deeply deeply disturbing", "Pretty impressive - can't wait", and "Wow, my jaw dropped".