Bowens has announced the launch of the new Travelpak portable battery pack for Bowens Esprit Gemini Monoblocs.

Having been revamped and redesigned, the second generation Travelpak allows location photographers to "hot-swap" in a second battery if the first runs out during a long shoot.

Mark Aherne, Bowens technical director said: "We’ve improved the original model and we have incorporated a key feature – the ability to ‘hot-swap’ the battery.

"Up until now the Travelpak battery has been built-in, so when it goes flat the photographer had no option but to plug it into the charger and wait for it to recharge."

He added: "Our new unit comprises a battery and key electronics which up rate the voltage to charge the capacitors. Now if a battery goes flat the user simply changes it and carries on shooting."

Travelpak comes with both small and large battery options - photographers should be able to get 150-200 shots on a 500 Ws second unit, and almost twice that on the larger option.

Photographers will achieve between 150-200 shots on a 500 Ws second unit and almost twice that from the larger option.”