Minox has gone all James Bond with its latest launch, the Agent M series of digital spy cameras.

The range sees hidden cameras installed in everyday objects, as well as a super small camera that could be concealed in your mac, hat or other suitably spy-like attire.

This minimalist mini-camera is called the DSC DigitalSpyCam, with dimensions of 86 x 29 x 20mm. Features include a five-megapixel resolution, automatic twilight flash and a bright viewfinder for spontaneous shots.

Moving on to the serious Bond-like kit, first up is the Agent M Sunglasses, which features a micro video camera integrated into one of the earpieces, with the other earpiece housing an MP3 player. The camera can be operated via a remote control to avoid attracting too much attention.

The Agent M Digital Belt Camera is hidden inside the belt's buckle with controls on the underside within easy reach. Cleverly concealed, this allows undercover surveillance to be recorded in 3GP format.

The Pen Camera looks like a normal-looking ball-point pen, but behind the clip there's a micro video camera that records films in AVI realtime format. Also in the clip is an integrated microphone so you'll get sound too. You can download your top secret footage to your computer via the USB port built in to the front part of the pen.

Finally, although no cameras are included in the Agent M Spy Sunglasses 180°, they are still worth a mention. They have mirror-coated lenses on their inside, outer edges. This allows the wearer to see everything that's going on behind them without the need for them to turn around. At the same time, the sunglasses act as a perfectly normal pair of sunglasses with UV protection.