A new exhibition to be held at the Dray Walk Gallery at Truman Brewery will celebrate the "explosion of creativity and openness" that came about in Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Taking place just one year ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Wall's collapse, the "Create Berlin Goes London" exhibition will feature the theme "Berlin - creative metropolis" as illustrated by 20 top design concepts.

One of the concepts selected from over 70 submissions by German agencies was the one created by Magma Brand Design and Xplicit, called "Off Limits". The work is based on a 3.5 metre cube through which visitors can walk. On the outside of the cube will be black and white images of borders, barbed wire, fences and refugees. On the inside of the cube, there will be text projected on to the wall the reinforces the "Off Limits" message.

All images used in the concept were from Corbis archives. Siri Vorbeck, creative director of photography at Corbis said: "The historical images were selected because they reinforce the feeling of repression and isolation. We wanted to remind visitors of the unspeakable sorrow experienced by those people living in Berlin after the Wall was constructed."

The three-day exhibition starts on 18th September with an introduction by Klaus Wowereit, the Mayor of Berlin.