Seculine has released its new Twin-1 R4 wireless remote control that will extend your Nikon DSLR shutter control to up to 300ft.

The Twin-1 R4 can also operate a delayed shutter release, and fire your camera in Bulb mode.

Both of these features give you the flexibility to move around your subject and operate the camera from a distance, or to take long exposures without disturbing the camera.

The Twin 1-R4 is supplied with a sender unit packaged together with a small receiver unit which connects directly into the Nikon shutter release port and can be left permanently attached to the camera for convenience.

There are of course times when a cable release is more convenient, so for that reason, a cable for wired release is also included.

The Twin-1 R4 for Nikon is compatible with Nikon cameras with a built in Electronic shutter release port has a suggested retail price of £39.99.