Kenro has announced the UK release of a new studio flash system, the Kenro Digital Flash 600.

The kit consists of two 600w heads, two air cushioned stands, one white umbrella and one silver umbrella.

The advanced circuitry in the heads allows power to be adjusted in a range of 6 f-stops in 1/10th f-stop increments from full power down to 1/32nd. With such a wide range, each head can be used as either a main light with a softbox or umbrellas, as a fill light or a background light.

The heads are equipped with a Mechanically Automated Power Dumping System (APDS). This means when the system is adjusted downward, excessive power in the capacitors is dumped out automatically.

Speaking of the new kit, Paul Kench, Kenro's managing director said: "This pro-level kit gives you two heads and accessories for what you would expect to pay for just one head from some other manufacturers. The build quality is beautiful and these units are suitable for professional studio use as well as other less-demanding situations. They are also extremely portable, so photographers wishing to do location portraiture, for example, will find them extremely useful."

The Kenro Digital Flash 600 Kit will sell for £999.99, or you can buy one 600 flash head for £468.85. Visit the Kenro website for more information.