A flashlight that records video and takes pictures? Just another brilliant combination of technologies that you never thought you needed until it was smacked on a shelf in front of you.

Produced by Swann Security, the FlashlightDVR is stocked in its range of "covert security devices", which makes us want one even more.

Described as a "heavy duty, real working flashlight", the FlashlightDVR can be used in all weather conditions due to its aluminium construction, plus it has a 128MB built-in memory, but also supports mini-SD cards up to 2GB.

The flashlight includes three levels of brightness to customise the intensity of light to the environment it is being used while the infrared sensors provide night vision up to 13ft. With the FlashlightDVR’s USB port users can easily view and store videos or photos on their computer.

Faz Colbhie, Swann Security’s UK channel manager, said: "This device will appeal to a wide range of users who need a discreet system that will allow them to record video and photos during the day or night such as security guards, club bouncers and night watchman".

"It is also ideal for leisure activities such as camping, fishing or even dog walkers where a flashlight and camera are both needed."

Glad you cleared that up for us Faz. The FlashlightDVR is available now from Swann Security's website, and costs £199.99.