Memorex is claiming a first with a new DVD it claims will find and save digital images or music from your PC.

The DVDs come loaded with software that will launch automatically and then find designated file types on the user's PC before saving them onto the SimpleSave disc.

The software automatically lets the user know when the disc is full and prompts them to insert another disc.

Memoprex says that no additional software or recording media are required, and there’s no need to configure the software. If desired, advanced options allow you to designate which file types should be located and saved.

The SimpleSave DVDs have 4.5GB of capacity, which is enough to back up approximately 2,200 photos or 1,000 songs.

Memorex SimpleSave: Photo back-up solution DVDs will be available in packs of five discs for $12.99 per pack. Memorex SimpleSave: Music back-up solution DVDs will be available in packs of three discs for $9.99 per pack.

The DVDs will be available from April.