Nikon has made new Picture Controls tools available on the D3 and D300 digital SLR cameras.

Responding to feedback from owners of the D2X, the camera company is now offering new Picture Controls on the new models that emulate color modes I to III on the D2X.

The Picture Controls were initially released to allow users to adjust images and then save their settings so that they could then obtain the same picture tones with different cameras set at the same settings.

Setting options included Standard, Neutral, Vivid and Monochrome and photographers could alter the sharpness of their images, tone compensation, brightness, tone and saturation.

Stored Custom Picture Control files could be used with other Picture Control-compatible cameras (now including the D3 and D300) via memory card, or transferred to PCs to be used with Nikon software, stored in memory cards or hard disks, or shared among users through the internet.

The Picture Controls software is available now for download from the company's website.