Blurb has introduced "Community Books". This is claimed to be the first ever hybrid client/web service to enable groups of people to make books together.

Blurb says it has opened up a new way for socially connected groups of consumers and professionals to create a tangible product together.

The in-house BookSmart software makes it possible to quickly and easily gather content from multiple contributors.

Community Books can easily be initiated from within Blurb BookSmart software using the "Invite Contributors" function.

With a simple call out to family, friends, colleagues, or community members, content can be contributed and stored as a free, hosted, private book project on the web.

Community-contributed books can also be shared, marketed, and sold at cost or for profit in the free Blurb Bookstore with the entire transaction, shipping, and customer service, managed by Blurb.

Community Book is launching in beta with photo sharing, the most requested community-bookmaking feature, find out more via the link below...