Bonusprint has launched a guide to digital photography to help people get the most out of their digital cameras.

The free guide, available from its website, aims to give those new to the area hints and tips on getting up and running quickly and covers everything from framing pictures to using memory space correctly.

It's all fairly straightforward stuff, but for those not in the know and just discovering digital over traditional film its sure to be very helpful.

Bonusprint¹s guide to making the most of your digital camera:

1. Practice makes perfect - the beauty of digital photography is that you can take lots of photos to get the right shot. Don¹t be afraid to try the same picture in a number of different ways - there is no waste because you only need to print the images that you like.

2. Experiment with your camera ­- digital cameras and even camera phones now come packed with features and it's very tempting just to use one setting for all of your pictures. Try using different settings, such as sepia for an aged effect, night mode to create mystery and bright light for warmth, or turn the flash on or off to see what mode suits different conditions and environments.

3. Framing -­ Be aware of the shapes in your image and use them to create a frame or direct the viewer to the subject (for example, a diagonal road or fence can lead the eye to the picture¹s focus). You can also look to edit or crop the photo after you have finished to maximise the effect and get precisely the image you are looking for

4. Memory space ­- While digital cameras and camera phones do have space to store digital images, the memory stick is not infinite. Make sure you download and print your pictures, so that you always have space on your camera and don¹t miss any opportunities.

5. Share the delight -­ When you have taken pictures you are pleased with don't just keep them to yourself on your camera or computer, there are plenty of ways you can share them. Why not set up an online album like the one available at This gives you the option to add captions and send a secure link to those you'd like to view the images. They can also order copies of the prints directly so you don't need to worry about printing for everyone.

6. Be creative -­ there are so many different ways that you can enjoy your pictures, why not get your image printed onto a canvas print to hang on the wall or record a holiday or wedding in a photo book? There are lots of different ideas including calendars, mugs, jigsaws, and greetings cards and all of them can be personalised with your own picture and messages to produce something unique for you.

7. Have it to hand ­- Now you have a new gadget to play with, make sure you use it. Don't let it sit in your cupboard for the next year, take it out with you and have it to hand so you can be spontaneous to keep your memories alive and share your experiences with friends and family.