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(Pocket-lint) - The weekend is here and you've got a Hallowe'en costume to get together. Like all good folk you've left it to the last minute, so rather than go and spend megabucks hiring something generic, how about unleashing your inner geek on fellow party goers and showing them what the Internet is all about. For your pleasure and your help, here are five awesome Hallomeme outfits

Balloon Boy

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The current meme of choice has to be Balloon Boy and it really is the simplest of all to do. You can bag yourself a silver balloon from just about any joke shop in the world. Even if you can't find one plain silver, then just cover a coloured one with foil. Make sure it's a helium balloon or that effect really isn't going to work. Attach it to yourself with string, wear just about any clothes you could care to mention and cover with the cardboard box in which you've been hiding. If anyone asks, make sure you tell them it's a game.

Three Wolf Jobs

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Anyone can pick up a famous three wolf moon t-shirt from amazon, but if you really want to show what a meme machine you are, then the connoisseur should specialise by dressing up as the subsidiary meme that was three wolf jobs. For those who have dressed up as the Mac Man in years gone buy, then you're already 90% of the way there. For those that haven't, don't worry, you can find the jobs suit or approximation of on just about any high street in the world. A standard colour pair of 501s, a black polo neck and pair of New Balance are not hard to come by. All you'll need to do is a bit of cutting out and stitching of the three wolf pattern. If you can't get the shirt off Amazon in time, then you could always use a colour printout. Whatever you do, though, don't forget to tuck your top into your jeans.

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Afro Ninja

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One of the oldest on the Web, but a simply unmistakable outfit. You can have great fun giving loads of posing and attitude to people at the party before falling drunkenly on your face and making an idiot out of yourself. It is the act, after all. Again you can pick up most of the bits and pieces at any good joke shop and you'll find the tracksuit items or ones that work near enough at your local dodgy street market.

Dick in a Box

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This costume takes a little more cash and, crucially, a friend who's willing to strap a cardboard box to his groin as well. That said, you can pick up most of the items at any good charity shop. You even have some of the ingredients already in the shape of the brightly coloured t-shirt, dodgy old suit, pair of sunglasses and wrapping paper. Lots of fun with this one plus
you get the back up of a wing man.

Thumb Boy

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Okay, we really couldn't figure this one out but the idea is there to be done. Possibly the greatest meme of the year was Thumb Boy. If you're either a) him or b) you also have a head shaped like a thumb, then you're in. Job done. The cop out option is just to walk around with your head tilted backwards whenever anyone asks you who you are. Don't expect people to be impressed. For the high tariff maneuver though, it's probably a case of making a paper mache extension to you own noggin that makes it taper off at the top. All the same, you might have trouble getting your identity across, so you can always write thumb boy in big letters on your t-shirt.

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Writing by Dan Sung.