is reportedly preparing a push into video content, and the site is expanding into television, according to a report in Music Week. The online radio service, which was bought by US media giant CBS in 2007, is attempting to expand its brand globally.

The report claims that the initial offering is expected to launch in January and will be based around European music festival content. That could include partnering with existing festivals, or building bespoke events. We'd presume music videos would likely be involved somewhere along the line too, but it's not clear where.

Adding video to's offering will both elevate it above its music-focused contemporaries, but also place it in competition with giants like YouTube and MySpace. However, whereas YouTube has often endured a rocky ride with the major labels, has kept them onside so it remains to be seen whether the company can keep that special relationship intact once video content is in place too.

This is a breaking story, and we've asked for comment and more detail. We'll update this post when we hear back.