So here we are at the end of the week, having covered all the latest and greatest news and launches with the highest profile debut of the week undoubtedly Windows 7.

With the general release of the OS, Pocket-lint has offered a whole host of special Windows 7 related articles.

These features should help you by not only giving you an idea of which version to buy - or for that matter whether to buy it at all - but ease you into its use, allowing you to get the most out of Microsoft's latest OS.

So here in no particular order is the run down of the useful features, articles and guides Pocket-lint has dished out throughout this week.

Find out whether Windows 7 is actually right for you with Pocket-lint's Seven reasons to buy Windows 7. How much faster is it? Are the new multimedia elements any good? Is it any easier to use than previous efforts? It's all here so just click through.

With the new OS being touchscreen-compatible you might find this Five touchscreen Windows 7 PCs useful. Products covered include the HP Touch Smart, Asus Eee Top ET2203 and Dell Studio One 19.

You've decided to make the break with your old OS but which version of Windows 7 should you go for? You'll be like a kid in a sweet shop with our feature Windows 7: Which version should you get.

If you have a little uncertainty as to how to install/upgrade then this next feature is just what you need. Follow the step by step instructions for a stress-free experience in How to upgrade to Windows 7.

If time is of the essence then you need Pocket-lint's Windows 7 Quick Guide, which gives a smart little run down of the OS, telling you all you need to know. What's new? What's not?

Finally, for those of you who need that little bit extra clarification of what the OS is like to use, then our Windows 7 full review is a must, was it really worth the wait after all?