DDD, the company behind forthcoming 3D laptops from the likes of Acer, Dell, HP and Sony, has told Pocket-lint that it'll soon be launching a content store for digital downloads of 3D movies and video. It'll be called "Yabazam", and should be open for business at the start of November.

Chris Yewdall, the President and CEO of DDD, told Pocket-lint that 3D devices need 3D content available for them before they're going to take off in a big way. "Without the content, it's just an interesting display technology" he said while detailing what would be in the store.

At launch there won't be any Hollywood blockbusters - it's going to be mainly movies and short films from independent producers like Red Star Studio, based in Sheffield, which has an animation called Curse of Skull Rock. There'll be a range of genres, though, from comedy to drama to documentaries.

Pricing will range from $3 up to more like $15 or $20 depending on the length of the content in question, but there'll also be plenty of free trailers to download if all you want to do is show off your shiny new 3D laptop to your friends.

One drawback is that content comes in a proprietary format and will only be able to be viewed in the company's Tridef media player. Yewdall told us that this was a concession to studios worried about piracy. We pointed out that the content would invariably be distributed across P2P networks anyway, and he replied "well, we'll just encypt it then".

Although the store is launching with a relatively limited range of titles, Yewdall predicts that towards the middle of next year the major studios will begin to distribute content to digital download stores like Yabazam and the choice will increase.

We'll bring you more news of Yabazam as it arrives.