Texet, a UK company better known for its calculators and low cost digital gadgets, is working on a tablet PC shown off during a recent sourcing fair in Hong Kong.

We got the chance to get a few minutes hands-on time with the ARM-powered device and first impressions are quite positive - as long as the retail price ends up below £200.

The un-named tablet features an 8.9-inch touchscreen display with 1024x600 resolution. In use the touchscreen was very responsive, better so than most touchscreen devices we've used of this type.

It's using an ARM-based processor and the operating system of choice is Linux, although the company representative we talked to said that Texet was looking into Android for a second generation device.

Interestingly he had been inundated by requests for Windows CE by potential US customers, which sounds like a step backwards to us.

In terms of ports things are a bit thin on the ground as the tablet only features a pair of USB ports, of which one is of the mini type for syncing with a PC, as well as a headphone jack and some kind of custom connector. It does come with built-in Wi-Fi support, but the battery life is only rated at about 3 hours, which is disappointing.

The device on display was a prototype and as such the pre-installed applications will change before it hits retail, which might be through Asda in the UK, as Texet sells many of its products through Asda already.

Texet was also showing off a prototype of a smaller 5-inch device that was running Windows CE, but this is unlikely to turn up in retail this year.