iRex has announced that it has formed a couple of content partnerships that'll give owners of its devices something to read. The e-reader manufacturer, which recently launched the DR800SG to generally favourable reviews, has formed deals with NewspaperDirect and LibreDigital.

Those two companies will provide access to more than 1200 magazines and newspapers when the DR800SG arrives in retail stores in the States. iRex says, pointedly, that the figure is 1100 more titles than available on competing devices.

iRex's CEO, Kevin Hamilton, told Pocket-lint: "For eReader users the device itself becomes secondary to the reading experience and the content they can access via that device. A key part of our strategy is to provide no-hassle access to a variety of content, and adding these industry leaders is a significant step in that direction".

The iRex DR800SG has an 8.1-inch screen, e-Ink display and will be made available in the States later in the year. It'll cost $400, which includes wireless access to downloadable content - no contract is required.