MOG has announced that it'll shortly be launching a music streaming service. The website, which since 2006 has offered a music-oriented community and blogging platform will be rolling out the subscription-funded "All Access" scheme by the end of November.

It'll cost $5 per month for access to a catalogue of 5 million tracks from all four major labels and a host of independents. There'll also be a free trial offer, but unlike Spotify there's no ad-supported free option. A desktop version will be arriving "some time before Thanksgiving", and there will be iPhone and BlackBerry apps in time, too.

Bloggers who're signed up with MOG will get free access to the service to help promote it, and there's also talk of social features - users will be able to see what other people are streaming. Like other services, there'll be playlist creation and the ability to discover music that you don't already know.

What's not clear is how the service will differentiate itself from Napster, Rhapsody, and the soon-to-launch-in-the-US Spotify. Perhaps it'll be the network's ability to pull in content from its contributor blogs, but whether the content from those blogs will be strong enough remains to be seen.

When the service launches we'll bring you a full low-down.