Close to half a million football fans watched the England vs Ukraine World Cup qualifier on Saturday, making the game Britain's biggest internet pay-to-view sports broadcast to date.
There were no technical issues, say the companies behind the broadcast, while a post-match survey revealed that 87% felt the picture quality was good enough with 89% saying they would purchase another live sports event online.
As far as the Odeon cinemas across the country that also screened the game via satellite go, "many" were completely sold out.

"This pioneering broadcast has been a great success. Not only have we delivered Britain's largest ever live pay-to-view internet sports audience, but commercially the venture has proved itself as a viable model for future games", Philipp Grothe, CEO of Kentaro said.

"Technology has ignited a revolution in people's viewing habits and there is a new sports broadcast platform developing on the broadband enabled internet".