Fantastically geeky tattoos: Inspirational ink-work for your skin?

Great Scott! Time travelling scientist Doc Brown has seen something off in the middle distance that warrants a wide-eyed stare. (image credit: dermhospitalthomas/Instagram)
Don't Panic! Just get yourself a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tattoo. (image credit: Zouka/Reddit)
A fantastic likeness of Johnny Depp's character from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. (image credit: Piximus)
The Dark Knight certainly makes for a pretty awesome tattoo. (image credit: nextluxury)
On the outside, a normal human being, on the underneath he's Spiderman.  (image credit: Boredpanda)
A Cookie Monster tattoo that's also designed to draw the eye away from the owner's birthmark. (image credit: Hillbillyholmantattooist/Facebook)
We're big fans of Groot and this mini vision of him is uber-cute. (image credit: chrismorristattoos/Frontier Tattoo Parlour)
There's a lot going on here, with original Linux mascot Tux the penguin, sitting inside the Windows logo eating an Apple. (image credit: Imgur)
What's geekier than an augement reality tattoo that plays audio when you scan it? (image credit: VR Scout)
An amusingly classic code based tattoo. (image credit: Tumblr)
A throwback to an older generation of gaming controllers. (image credit: sydniemarie87/BuzzFeed)
His and hers Pokémon tattoo. (image credit: mayram4b7e4bbcf/BuzzFeed)
Why not show where you stand on the who shot first debate by putting it in ink? (image credit: Reddit)
An uber-cool tattoo with a 3D view that appears to be bursting out from under the skin. (image credit: Jesse Rix)
Any fan of the popular Battle Royale shooter will recognise and appreciate this Fortnite tattoo. (image credit: luschnei21/Instagram)
Star Wars geeks will no doubt swoon at this incredibly detailed tattoo of Princess Leia. (image credit: Piximus)
The "this is fine" meme makes for a pretty good summary of the current state of the world though.  (image credit: Dink Ink)
A colourful homage to the gaming legend that is Sonic the Hedgehog. (image credit: jrtattoomob/Instagram)
Word geeks everywhere will appreciate this one. (image credit: Itsjustcavan/Reddit)
This one stands out as a homage to the fantastic graffiti tagging robot Banksy created in Coney Island, New York.  (image credit: Next Luxury)
Us Brits fully approve of this tea lover's tattoo. (image credit: ElvisOnLSD/Reddit)
People either love or hate Rick and Morty. But either way you've got to appreciate a high-quality fanboy tattoo. (image credit: Roy Rowlett)
A simple yet neatly detailed tattoo with a classic Star Wars theme. (image credit: ciotka_zu_tattoo/Instagram)
More adorable characters from The Guardians of the Galaxy apparently make for a pretty awesome tattoo. (image credit: @gregfly1989)
What can you say about Deadpool? If you know, then you're already cool. (image credit: @TATTOOSBYJIM)
This one seems like a sensible choice for a petrol head. (image credit: brunohrltattoo)
This X-Wing makes for not only a versatile Rebel Alliance starfighter but also a cracking geek tattoo.  (image credit: d_b_cooper/Reddit)
An interactive tattoo. Join the dots and create your own art. And to think our parents told us not to draw on our skin. (image credit: Reddit)
Some mega Star Wars geeks have been rocking Mandalorian tattoos for years.  (image credit: nmccurdy93)

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