Interesting stats just in from the NPD Group's 2009 Household Penetration Study in the States show that most US Mac-owning households are more gadgeted up than the average, with 48 consumer electronics devices compared to the average PC computer household that owns about 24.

And, despite the companies behind the systems trying to create a marketing division between PC users and Mac users, it seems that 85% of all Mac users also own a PC.

12% of US households have Macs, according to the data, up from 9% in 2008. And it seems those with Macs own quite a bit more gadgetry on the whole with 66% owning more than three computers, compared to 29% for PC-only homes.

72% of Mac owners also own a netbook, compared to 50% for PC owners, 63% of Mac owners have an iPod, compared to the 36% average and 50% own a GPS device, again compared to a 30% norm.

"While Apple owners tend to own more computers and more electronics devices, there is also a high correlation among Apple owners and more affluent consumer households", explains Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis. 

36% of Apple computer owners reported household incomes greater than $100,000, compared to 21% of all consumers.