A company called Recompute has developed what it's calling "a sustainable desktop computer", made out of cardboard. It's the result of research into "lifecycle amortization for product sustainability" which looks at how products are manufactured, used, and disposed of from a design perspective.

The machine itself has won several design awards - a Design Distinction Award for the 2009 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review in July 2009 and a placing in the top 10 of Core77's 2009 Greener Gadgets Contest.

Although there's no official specs yet, beta versions have had a 2.3Ghz AMD triple core processor, GeForce 6100 graphics card, 3GB of RAM, 8 USB ports and a 500GB hard disk. It comes dual-booted with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.04.

The manufacturers have opened up a waiting list on the site, so if you're interested in getting your hands on one when it comes to market, then you can go sign up. Though there's no word of pricing yet, and given how much attention seems to have been given to the design, we don't expect it'll come cheap.