Medion has taken what the company has described as a "departure" from their regular line of budget PCs, with the launch of the The Touch X9613 set to hit the shelves in November.

The 24-inch, all-in-one, multi-touchscreen device takes advantage of the level of control built into Windows 7. It's designed as a wall mounted unit to be used as an always connected secondary screen in the family home.

Packed with features from twin DVB-T/DVB-S tuners, a full Dolby Surround sound bar and HDMI-in and outputs to the 4GB of RAM, Quad core processor and mighty 1TB of storage, this £2000 computer is not going to find its way into everyone's homes. Medion told Pocket-lint:

"We know it's a top end item and we expect that the majority of the sales will be for custom installs and possibly commercial use as well. We will still do value computers but we felt it was important for us to do something for the launch of Windows 7. It's a technological statement".

Some of the functions of this luxury PC can be voice controlled but it also comes with a wireless mouse, keyboard and RF remote if you don't want to get touchy with it or if you're feeling a little croaky.

Although, an elitist machine, it doesn't mean that this is the closest most of us will get to these levels of features and design. Medion will be releasing many more touchscreen devices from next year, from the very small all the way through the range. So, the question is, just how budget can touch get?