Gear4 has announced the oddly named "CarDock FM Follow Me". It's a dock that sits in your car and automatically sets up an FM radio transmission to your car stereo, meaning that you get the sound of your iPhone's satnav or music software from your car speakers.

If you think that sounds familiar, it's because the company released an identically named product a year ago that worked with iPods. The connector's probably the same, so we're guessing that the only difference is that this is shaped to fit the iPhone.

Plugging into the car's 12V cigarette lighter, it can also charge your handset while it's holding it in place. It has a fully adjustable arm, and the company says "whether it be used for journey navigation, listening to the tunes stored on the iPhone, or simply as a charge dock, the CarDock FM Follow Me is a must-have travel companion".

The CarDock FM Follow Me dock for the iPhone costs £50, and is available right now in the UK. Expect the FM transmitter tech to work everywhere except London, where your satnav directions will be occasionally interrupted by loud dubstep.