"nu-m8" is the world's first GPS locator specifically designed for 3- to 12-year-olds - or more importantly, for their parents.

With the claim of making outdoor play "far safer", the nu-m8 has been designed to look like a standard watch but means parents can locate their child, wearing the wrist-piece, at anytime from anywhere they have access to a mobile phone or a computer.

Perhaps raising questions about how far you'd go to make sure you know where your child is, the nu-m8 is securely fastened to a child's wrist - with a web of reinforced steel through the rubber strap.

If the nu-m8 is forcibly removed, an alert is sent to the designated mobile phone and/or email address detailing the child's location.

Parents can set up "safe zones", and if kids stray, the watch will then automatically switch to "live track" mode and the child’s location is continuously monitored, updated and sent to the designated email as an address with postcode and a link to Google maps.

Presumably aimed at parents who know text speak, to locate a child at any given time, the parent can text "wru" or click "where r u" on the Lok8u portal.

The child’s location is then presented as an icon on Google maps and/or the street address and postcode is displayed.

The nu-m8 comes in green, black, blue or pink, is priced at £149.99 and is available to buy now from www.lok8u.com and Amazon.co.uk. There is also a monthly subscription charge starting from £4.99.