At the start of July, AOL's Instant Messaging client AIM added the ability to view your Facebook and Twitter update stories in inverse chronological order within the software client.

However, at the time it was a one-way trip for your data. AIM was happy to gobble up that info, but wouldn't send its own content back to the other sites. We said we hoped that would change in the near future, and lo and behold, someone at AIM must have been reading.

Because AIM now has the ability to swing both ways - to both import AND export status information to Twitter and Facebook. The addition turns AIM into a fully-functional social media client, like Tweetdeck or Seesmic, not just a vehicle for private IMs.

There seem to be a few bugs with the Twitter integration, but overall AIM appears to be moving in the direction of becoming an alternative way of consuming all the content you want in one place. We suspect that users will welcome the news.