Opera, the cross-platform web browser which has never achieved massive marketshare but arguably sets the pace of browser innovation, has issued version 10 of its software.

Opera 10 has been in beta for some time, so none of its features are brand new, but its now been judged stable enough to get a consumer release. Amongst the improvements over version 9 are Opera Turbo, a new UI, and different tab behaviour.

Opera Turbo is a compression service that compresses pages to provide a better browsing experience on slow connections. If you're stuck without broadband - on a dodgy mobile dongle in an area with poor reception, for example - then you can get performance upto 8 times greater than other browsers.

The UI improvements are described by the company as "streamlined and elegant", and the tab bar can now be expanded to view thumbnails of the sites that are loaded. You can also move them around the screen - to the sides or bottom, if you like.

Also included is the speed dial feature pioneered by the browser, a spellchecker with 51 languages, integrated email and BitTorrent clients, and improved performance. Opera's CEO told Pocket-lint: "We are excited to offer Opera 10 to the world, and we hope even more people discover what the 40 million people who have already made the switch know: browsing with Opera makes the Web a safer, more enjoyable and more interesting place".

Opera 10 is free, works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and comes in 43 languages.