Vexia has followed up the launch of its "Econav" 430 with the announcement that the 435 will soon be available in the UK.

Launching with similar bold claims the first model enjoyed, the eco gadget claims to reduce fuel consumption by up to a third with the potential saving of £400 a year in petrol money.

The Econav 435 - with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display - tells users, in real time, the most economical and ecological way to drive.

As with the 430, one users input the car and fuel type and number of passengers, Vexia claims "the Econav 435 will direct drivers on the route that is kindest to their fuel consumption".

In addition, it will tell users the best gear to be in and offers the "Accelerator Pedal Indicator" that will show whether the accelerator pedal is being used correctly, based on what the software says is the optimum acceleration of the car and the speed of the road.

The Econav 435 will be available in September priced at £169.99 for the UK version and £219.99 for a model with European maps.