Peter Andre will be pleased - McAfee reckons that Jordan is the most dangeous celebrity to search for on the web in the UK. Users who go Googling for Jordan have a one-in-six chance of hitting a site festering with viruses and malware.

Jude Law is in second place, and Victoria Beckham made it to third place. Husband David Beckham made in fifth, making them the most dangerous couple between them. For those interested in completing the top five, Kate Moss comes in fourth.

Thankfully, our British celebrities aren't too dangerous compared to their US counterparts. Only two make it into the US top 15, which is headed by Jessica Biel and Beyonce. Greg Day, Principal Security Analyst EMEA, McAfee told Pocket-lint:

"Cybercrooks capitalising on the public obsession with celebrities and current events is nothing new. Week-in-week-out, we see online scams linked in to dodgy emails, websites and Twitter updates, which are closely linked to the latest celebrity gossip and high-profile news stories. A quick flick across the front pages of the latest popular newspapers and magazines offers a fairly reliable snapshot of where the criminals will focus their efforts next".

McAfee offers a free product called SiteAdvisor which hooks into your browser and warns if you're visiting what it reckons is an iffy website.