Almost a year to the day since Roxio Creator 2009 was announced, the company has announced the launch of the 2010 edition of the software.

Roxio Creator 2010 does mostly the same stuff as its predecessor - you can edit video, make music, alter photos, and do all sorts of other creative things. But there's a few upgrades in the 2010 version that are worth paying a little more attention to.

For starters, video encoding has been improved. ATI and Nvidia tech has been integrated so that you can use your graphics card to encode video up to five times faster than your processor (and the previous version of the software) can. There's also a range of Blu-ray disc features.

There's also a newly simplified output display for converting video files into whatever format your MP3 player or PMP takes. There's even a web capture feature that'll let you grab YouTube videos straight off the web and put them onto your music player.

"Prices on high-definition camcorders have dropped into mainstream territory and a greater number of high-definition players and televisions are now in homes, so we've responded by making digital
video a major focus of our latest release" said Matt DiMaria, Roxio's general manager.

Roxio 2010 is compatible with Windows 7, and is on sale at £50. A Pro version, which adds Blu-ray Disc authoring capability and a bunch of plugins, costs £70. They're available today from Roxio's website, and will be popping up in the shops in the next month or so.