The UK's own version of Sweden's Pirate Party has been officially recognised by the British electoral commission as a legitimate political party, according to a blog post from the party's leader, Andrew Robinson.

That means that it can now raise funds and put up Pirate Party candidates for the next general election, which is due in the first half of 2010. The party is requesting that people interested start to "make things happen".

"Now the party can really start. It's time for us to tell the world that we exist, to recruit members, raise funds and gear up to fight the General Election. The officers and web team have built the framework that the party needs to get going, now it's time for YOU to make things happen", said Robinson.

Robinson has said that the party is "Very similar" to the Swedish Pirate Party - Piratbyran, which won a European parliament seat in the last Swedish elections - but will have its own policies and officials.