Opera has announced that the third beta version of the tenth edition of its browser is now available from its website. The company says that its prioritised "performance and stability" in this version.

Included are improvements to Opera Turbo - the engine which compresses websites for faster surfing on slow broadband connections - and improvements to the UI of the browser, from designer Jon Hicks.

There's also been some improvements to tabs. Previously limited to the top of the screen, now users can choose to have their tabs at the right, left or bottom, and they can be resized to view a thumbnail of the page.

One thing that isn't included, however, is the company's server-in-the-browser "Unite" technology, announced back in June. The company told Pocket-lint: "Opera Unite will not be included in beta 3 as it remains in its alpha development stage. We continue working on it and will release the beta version of Opera Unite as soon as possible".

Opera 10 Beta 3 is available now from opera.com/next.