Storage Application Corporation, the company behind the Clickfree series of backup devices, has announced a new product that allows you to use spare capacity on your iPhone or iPod for backups. They can also be used to get music off an iPod onto a computer.

Clickfree makes a big deal over the fact that there are no instructions or manuals for its products, because it doesn't think you need them, and the Transformer is no exception. All you do is hook up your iPod/iPhone to the transformer, then plug the transformer into your PC, and the backup begins.

The company reassures us that only the excess capacity of your iPhone/iPod will be used, and existing content on your iPod/iPhone will never be overwritten. You can also use it to get content off an iPod or iPhone if you "orphan" it by switching computers.

There's also a Transformer SE product, which has all the same functionality as the Transformer but adds the ability to interface with USB sticks.

The Transformer for iPod/iPhone costs £45, and the Transformer SE is £70. Both will be available next month.