A staggering 35% of spending at online retail sites in the UK occurs from work locations, comSore has revealed.

The data from the results of a study of UK online etail activity is based on a 5-month average to May 2009 and shows that 29.1 million people visited an online shop from a home or work during May, which makes 79% of the total UK online population.

Around three quarters of the visits, time spent, and pages viewed were made from home locations although the actual money spent was double at work than home.

"That online shoppers are relatively more likely to make a purchase at work is not entirely surprising. In fact, we often see that people have very different browsing patterns between the two locations, having a tendency to be task-oriented and transaction-minded at work and more leisurely when browsing at home", said Mike Read, SVP and managing director of comScore Europe.

Amazon was the most visited retail property in the UK, racking up a total of 49.4 million visits in May 2009. Apple.com ranked second with 27 million visits, followed by Home Retail Group (Argos and Homebase) and Tesco stores.