A new software service called Shareflow has launched, the creation of NYC-based company Zenbe. Until recently, Zenbe worked on little productivity tools, but this is its most impressive project so far.

Shareflow aims to let users ditch IM, email, wikis and other "disconnected" tools in favour of a system that lets you interact with one central "flow" via all those means. If that sounds familiar, then you might be thinking of Google Wave - of which a considerable amount of functionality is duplicated.

Of course, it would be difficult for Shareflow to have copied Wave, given that Wave was only announced a month ago and this has been in development for rather longer. Shareflow is proprietary, though, whereas Wave promises to be open source.

Also unlike Google Wave, Shareflow is available right now. Sign up for an account, give it a go, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.