A company called Aloqa has launched an Android app for mobile search that promises to deliver better results based on your location and the data stored within the social networks that you're a member of.

The app is currently available in limited beta, and makes real-time recommendations for things you might be interested in that are happening near you. Nearby friends, local businesses, music events and "other interesting places" are offered up.

"Every day all of us miss out on all kinds of opportunities we aren't even aware of such as discovering friends who happen to be close by, or that there are concerts happening locally that we'd like", said Sanjeev Agrawal, CEO of Aloqa and former marketing director at Google.

"Aloqa solves both the search and discovery issues by utilising a user's context - their location, time, preferences, and relationships - to notify them in real time of friends, places, events, and entertainment opportunities around them without delays".

A limited beta of the app is available on the Android app store right now, and the company plans wider availability of the application on other platforms later in 2009.