A company called iKey has unveiled its AK-39 wrist-mounted keyboard. It's aimed at "military and public safety" applications, and comes with green LED backlighting. It's even usable with night-vision goggles.

As you might expect, it's firmly in the "rugged" category - built to stand dust, knocks and water. It meets MIL-461 standards, if that sort of thing is important to you, and it should work fine even if you're wearing gloves, thanks to a snap-on faceplate.

There's an integrated "Force Sensing Resistor" pointing device, for mouse action, that has left and right-click functionality, and you can get it in a USB configuration. It's suitable for use "in very harsh electro magnetic interference (EMI) environments", says the company behind it.

It's not clear how much it costs - the only option for buying the thing is "add to quote", suggesting it probably isn't cheap. Got to be a good option for blogging from the front lines though, right?