Tesco has announced that it's offering an API for its shopping service, meaning that in the future you won't necessarily have to visit Tesco.com, or wander into a shop, to buy the retail giant's wares.

For those that like technical detail, it's SOAP-based, but a REST-based version is under development. It's currently only available to registered developers, though it's pretty easy to register if you feel so inclined.

Nick Lansley, Tesco's head of R&D, says: "The API is currently being re-developed to take on the functionality of our new forthcoming 'Martini' grocery platform which offers a powerful step-change in what we can bring to the customers in a great new grocery application".

Customer favourites, extended data (eg nutritional info), some limited checkout facilities and unlimited API calls are included in the interface, and Tesco will be holding an innovation day (called T-JAM) in central London on 5 August. Developers also get affiliate fees for their applications.

We're looking forward to seeing what developers can come up with.