Nike has introduced the new and improved Nike+ SportBand watch that gives runners real-time performance feedback on their distance, pace, time and calories.

The two main changes are a new screen with a white background that is said to enhance visibility while there's a welded seal to improve water resistance.

As part of the Nike+ range, it hooks up with Apple iPod nanos, iPod touches or iPhones to let the users hear run details, although can be used as a standalone device.

The Nike+ SportBand will be available in grey with a pink band, dark grey with a yellow band, and black with a red interior band and goes on sale now in the US for $59. UK deets are TBC.

In addition, Nike has merged the website (and its near 2 million members) with to create what the sports co says is the "ultimate running site".

Lastly, Nike has said it will be launching a Nike+ iPhone mobile site to give users access to Nike+ data anywhere - we will keep you posted.