RoboToons Publishing has announced the launch of "BookLed", aimed at young children.

Described as an exciting new way of reading with a "blend of web technology and the matchless pleasure of the written word on paper", the BookLed uses graphic, audio animation and a web interface within a traditional, illustrated story.

RoboToons says this offers two experiences - enjoying the reading of a book and that of enjoying a cartoon.

Looks-wise, the BookLed is a normal book with thick card pages, but there's also a battery compartment and a mini-USB port, that provides the book with the power it needs for its built in light and sound effects that can be used away from the PC.

Connecting the BookLed up to a PC and hitting, will mean the web server identifies the book's ISBN code and delivers the multimedia content that is synchronised with the turning of the pages.

The BookLed will be available this week priced at 49 euros with more info over at