The African country of Cameroon does rather well out of people mis-typing domain names. For a long time, if you mis-typed a .com address as .cm, then you'd end up on an ad-filled page run by the country's domain registrar - Camnet.

Not any more. The country is opening its top-level domain up for anyone to register. The sunrise period, for those who own the trademark of whatever they're trying to register, ends on 14 July at midnight.

From then on, there's a landrush taking place until the 31 July. You can pre-order any domain you like for 2 years, and if someone else tries to claim it too then you end up in an auction.

Then from 1 August, there'll be open registration on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you desperately want to own, then you better get in there early on 15 July, and have deep pockets.