Flickr has introduced a new function for mobile users of the photo sharing website.

Dubbed "mobile nearby", the application lets users carry out a search in a few clicks on their phone to find images taken by other Flickr users "nearby" to the mobile user's current location.

In a blog post Flickr says: "We've always liked the idea of showing you photos taken in a particular place... the Mobile Nearby page will figure out where you are in the world and show you photos that have been taken in the same area".

The function is available for those with Android-based mobile phones and iPhone owners who've upgraded to the 3.0 OS (or those with an iPhone 3G S).

"Use this to explore your neighborhood", suggests the site. "Or find the best places to photograph local landmarks from".

"Reload the page as you walk around a city, and see the things that have happened there in the past. You'll see a place through the eyes of the flickrverse".